Unfortunately, we at Colour Derma have clients who need assistance with covering self-harm scars. We say unfortunately because one such client is too many. Still, we are happy that they come to us for help because self-harm is a serious issue and the scars that they cause can make matters worse as people try to recover and move on with their lives.

Colour Derma would like to share information about self-harm and self-harm scars to spread understanding about this condition. There is no shame in seeking help, so if you or someone you know are concerned about yourself or others and would like someone to talk to about this, please contact one of these support lines.

Why does someone self-harm?

There are many reasons why someone may resort to self-harm. It could be due to depression, anxiety, or other emotional or psychological issues. Then, as an outlet for overwhelming stress or pain, or as a way to exert control over what they believe is an uncontrollable situation, a person may hurt themselves to feel better.

As this self-harming behaviour continues, it is very likely that they will develop scars. So, while the act of self-harm may make them feel better at that moment, the wounds and scars may compound the problem as the person feels embarrassment or shame, especially if the scars are noticeable.

No matter the underlying cause, a person who self-harms needs support and care to help them through their issues so that they can stop hurting themselves. Contacting a trusted healthcare or mental health professional is an excellent first step.

Can self-harm scars be treated?

As a person’s mental health is treated, their physical health, that is, their self-harm scars, should also be addressed. The scars can be stigmatising and burdensome, a physical reminder of their inner turmoil. So, as they learn to adapt emotionally and heal, there are also treatments to lessen or conceal their physical scars.

Please note that these treatments must be done by a certified medical professional. Needling or micro-needling can help remodel and promote collagen growth so that scars look more like the skin around it. There are also different types of laser treatments that can be used to address scar tissue and discolouration. Some dermatologists may also suggest skin grafts or other surgical procedures such as tissue stretching to help lessen the appearance of scars.

Colour Derma can help conceal self-harm scars

Another option that a person can turn to, either by itself or in conjunction with treatments mentioned above, is camouflage makeup. While some may think that makeup is not a treatment, concealing scars for a more natural appearance can go a long way to help remedy self-consciousness or embarrassment. The team at Colour Derma has many years of experience concealing all manner of skin conditions, including self-harm scars. If you would like to discuss your options regarding your situation, we would be happy to help you decide what is the best camouflage make-up solution suits your specific needs. Contact us today.