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Camouflage solutions that look, feel, and behave like second skin.

Our concealing make-up solutions will let your skin breath and your confidence radiate. Here are just a few of the satisfied, transformative effects of Colour Derma Solutions:

Vitiligo on the hands is very common, so it can be an area of concern as you want to reach out and use them with confidence. You want to be able to work and interact with others with your hands, as well as wash them without worrying that the coverage will disappear. You need a waterproof, smudge-proof, and durable camouflage makeup for concealing.

Surgical scars on the arm can attract unwanted attention.

People, even total strangers, may look and start asking questions, perhaps out of concern, perhaps out of curiosity. But it doesn’t mean that you want to engage in the same discussion over and over. And in this woman’s case, she tried cosmetic tattooing, which made her feel more, not less, conspicuous. Camouflage makeup allows you to cover up scars so that you can regain control over how people see you.

Having lupus and arthritis, like this lovely lady, often means strong medication with side effects that affect your skin.

It could cause discolouration and fragile skin that makes you uncomfortable and vulnerable when there is no need to be. With a customised colour and training to apply makeup using stippling, she could conceal and correct her skin tone without bruising and reclaim her confidence.

Suffering burns from a house fire, especially on the face, like this woman, can impede healing the emotional and physical trauma of surviving such a horrific event.

Surgery can help improve the skin’s condition only so much, but then your body must do the rest. As you heal and adjust, camouflage makeup can help you regain dignity. In this case, colour-correcting the redness along her face and neck made a huge difference in boosting her confidence to face the world.

Diabetes affects many organs, including your skin, the largest organ in your body.

Long-term sufferers may also have to deal with discolouration, especially along the legs, as with this client. But living with diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t wear shorts or skirts, exposing your legs to the sun and fresh air. Camouflage cosmetics can help you not feel self-conscious, setting you free to choose the outfits you want any time of year.

Skin Camouflage Solutions Colour Derma Love Your Skin Again in 2021

Vitiligo can occur on the face and neck creating white patches that may make you feel embarrassed to go out in public.

Also known as leukoderma, this auto-immune disorder attacks melanocytes in your body. These are cells that produce the pigment that gives your skin its colour. In this case, our client has segmental vitiligo she wanted covered up. We provided her with a solution that she could wear every day and that would not rub off on her clothes.

This bodybuilder has a birthmark on his torso that he didn’t want to show when he competed. Camouflage makeup was ideal for him. It covered the birthmark with a natural look while being durable enough to stay on during vigorous workouts without smudging or smearing.

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Sometimes birthmarks are distracting. Such is the case with this personal trainer. He pretty much wears shorts all year long and he didn’t want the birthmark on his leg disturbing his concentration or drawing unwanted attention. With camouflage makeup, he could cover it up whenever he wanted.

Heart surgery scars, such as with this client, need experienced attention as you will find at Colour Derma.

We made sure that the scar was completely healed to avoid infection. Then we evaluated the scar to determine its type. Keloid, hypertrophic, and pitted scars require different products and solutions. Here, her scar was flat and discoloured so airbrushing to gently blend the product with her natural skin tone was the best option.

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Being body positive is one of the best ways to deal with skin conditions like Vitiligo. This young girl has a fantastic attitude and is working towards her dreams of being a model. She chooses camouflage makeup as an option so that she can explore different looks as she would with changing her outfits.

Men can benefit from camouflage makeup just as women can too. A well-matched camouflage shade can colour correct for a natural look that regular cover-up or cosmetics cannot provide. And since most camouflage makeup products are water- and smudge-proof, he doesn’t have to feel uneasy or worry that it will rub off on his clothes.