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Vitiligo on the hands is a very common area of concern, to successfully cover your white patches so you can work, shake hands, wash and have all day coverage. It is a must to use a waterproof, smudge proof and hard wearing cover up.

Surgical scars on a woman’s arm.

Having a visible scar sometimes attracts comments like “what happen there” or prying looks, usually from complete strangers. This lady tried cosmetic tattooing hence you can see the orange dot on her scar, which worried her as much as the scar itself. Using a camouflage makeup is all about not having to answer or deal with those questions which puts the power in your hands.

Customer in Sydney Australia with lupus and long term medication usage.

This lovely client from Sydney has had Lupus and arthritis for most of her life, unfortunately years of strong medication has made her skin very fragile, she needs an easy to apply camouflage that won’t smudge. We customised a personal colour using Microskin which she stipples on herself. This process allows the colour correct without bruising her hands or legs.

Burns from a house fire on a women’s face.

Being caught in a house fire is horrific in itself, the road to healing is often a long one. After the surgeons have done all they can to improve the scars and the texture of your skin, it is up to your body to do the rest. This period of time varies greatly and in the meantime using a camouflage cosmetic is a good option to give yourself time to adjust. This client has keloid scarring on her neck but it is the redness that grabs attention, creating a colour to correct that redness makes a huge difference towards her self-confidence to face the world.

Skin discolouration due to a long history of diabetes on a women’s leg.

Diabetes affects so many organs, our skin being the largest organ is susceptible too. Living in a hot climate most of the year in Australia it is natural that you want to wear shorts or skirts to be comfortable but for many exposing your legs and not feeling self-conscious is a struggle.
Skin Camouflage Solutions Colour Derma Love Your Skin Again in 2021

Vitiligo on a women’s face and neck. After using Camouflage Cover-up Makeup solution

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is an Autoimmune disorder which attacks melanocytes within the skin and results in loss of pigment. This client has Segmental Vitiligo on her neck she wanted a product to wear every day and not rub off on her clothes.

A bodybuilder did not like to show his birthmark during competitions, but at the same time stay covered during rigorous a working out.

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A personal trainer who lives in shorts all year round simply didn’t like the distraction of his birthmark so he has the choice to cover it.

Scar from Heart Surgery

Here we are covering a Scar from Heart Surgery, we first identify that the scar is completely healed as we don’t apply any cover-up to risk infection. Our consultant would then evaluate if the scar is keloid, hypertrophic or pitted to know which would be the best product or combination of products and application to use. This lady’s scar is flat but has discolouration so we have used an airbrush to gently blend the product with her natural skin tone. Less is best to achieve this amazing look.
Incredible Portfolio

Young girl with Vitiligo who has such a positive attitude with regards to her body image and working towards her dreams to be a model, having a vitiligo cover-up, if and when she wants, is just an option for a different look like changing clothes.

A well matched camouflage which colour corrects, doesn’t look like normal cover-up or makeup which is what every guy wants.