Skin Condition Camouflage Experts

Matching you with a skin solution that is as unique as you are.


At Colour Derma Solutions, we are camouflage experts, industry leaders and confidence creators.

Over the past decade, our team has been instrumental in the research and development of camouflage innovations. When sourcing a camouflage product, we have a series of non-negotiables – the product must be reliable, it must be accessible to a variety of skin shades and it must have endurance so you can take on your day with confidence.

Our second skin solutions have provided empowering relief to those experiencing skin conditions such as vitiligo, deep scarring, rosacea, port wine stains, eczema, pigmentation, burns, and birthmarks. Our concealing solutions let their skin breathe and their self-confidence radiate.

Guided by authenticity, integrity, and hands-on experience, Colour Derma Solutions offers a holistic approach to colour matching, product selection and training that is helping practitioners and their patients alike manage skin conditions with confidence.

How can Colour Derma Solutions support you?

Public Speaking & Workshops

Our Founder, Julie Buckley, has been featured as an industry expert on a variety of platforms including television features, industry panels and podcast episodes. If your next event features a focus on skin condition support, allow Colour Derma Solutions to share trusted, professional insights with your stockists and audience.



Whether you’re just getting started with camouflage application or you’re needing to refresh your kit with a new shade or product, our team are on hand to match you with a skin solution that is as unique
as you are.

Camouflage Application

If you have an upcoming special event such as a wedding, formal or graduation, Colour Derma Solutions offers bespoke camouflage application. Just like booking in a hair stylist or make-up artist, our team are available to ensure your camouflage is flawless, so you look and feel your best!

Camouflage Training

Our training support paves the way for camouflage that looks, feels and behaves like a second skin. Whether you have a skin condition you would like to conceal or you’re a forward-thinking practitioner, Colour Derma Solutions offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure you’re getting the most out of our products.


For progressive practitioners seeking to enhance their service offerings, camouflage products offer your clients protective and transformative results when choosing to conceal their skin conditions. Contact our team today to learn how Colour Derma Solutions can assist you in amplifying your client experience.


All Colour Derma Solutions are expertly approved to ensure reliability, accessibility, diversity and endurance so users can take on their day with confidence.

“I have seen first-hand the transformative impact an effective second skin solution can have. Offering not just protection but a new lease on confidence for those with scars, birthmarks and skin conditions, I am honoured to be a part of the skin journeys of so many men and women.”


– Julie Buckley 


View the life enhancing effects of camouflage.


make people feel comfortable”

“Julie is a true professional that works with integrity and an ability to make people feel comfortable, no matter their circumstances. Julie is always very generous with her time and knowledge and all my interactions with Julie have been enjoyable and insightful.”

– Marnina Diprose, Founder of

“game changer”

“Sometimes in life you find someone who is quite simply a game changer. From the moment I met Julie I knew that my skin problems would no longer need to hold me back from doing what I wanted in life. Having something that you wear on your sleeve – skin problems visible to all, every day – affects one’s confidence and sense of self in a very profound way. Julie’s experience and knowledge is second to none and it is this guidance that takes all the anxiety out of finding the camouflage that is exactly right. It is a personal process, but an easy one in the right hands – Julie’s hands.”

– Sarah Hue-Williams