Second Skin Solutions That Shine

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Personalised camouflage cosmetics consultation

Scars, lupus, vitiligo, varicose veins – skin conditions are more than just a discolouration. And dealing with a skin condition can be overwhelming. We understand what you are going through. Guided by authenticity, integrity, and over a decade of hands-on experience, Julie and her team can guide you through your options, from selecting the right camouflage products to matching shades to your skin and teaching you application tips and techniques as well as after care and maintenance so that your natural beauty shines through.

Contact us today and pave the way for camouflage that looks, feels, and behaves like a second skin.


Personalised camouflage makeup training

The key to long-lasting and realistic looking camouflage is application. Our easy-to-understand training can ensure that your second skin looks beautifully natural. If this is your first-time using camouflage products, we are here for you every step of the way! From finding your perfect match to achieving a flawless application, you’ll feel supported as you rediscover your confidence. If you’re already familiar with camouflage makeup but want a more natural look and feel, our team can help you improve your technique or learn new methods for the best results possible.

Let Colour Derma show you how to conceal your skin condition to reveal a confident, radiant you!

Public speaking & workshops

Colour Derma is more than just a camouflage cosmetics retailer. We are advocates for everyone who strives to struggle with and overcome the stigmas of skin conditions. Featured on a variety of primetime programs, at industry conferences and events, and on relevant industry podcasts, our founder Julie proudly represents the community and shares her wealth of knowledge with the world. If your next event features a focus on skin conditions, including scars, eczema, vitiligo and more, Julie can contribute significantly with her professional insights and experiences that will move and educate.

Invite Colour Derma to your panel, presentation, podcast or any other event to shine a light on skin condition support.

Professional distribution & training

Are you a forward-thinking practitioner seeking to enhance your service offerings and provide added support for your clients? Camouflage makeup products can offer your clients protective and transformative results if they choose to conceal their skin conditions. Colour Derma offers second skin solutions backed by expertise and results that you and your clients can rely on. We offer product distribution as well as extensive training so that you can provide your clients with cutting-edge camouflage solutions to support a variety of skin conditions.

Enhance your clients’ experience with Colour Derma’s support in products and training! Contact us to find out how!