Camouflage makeup is a scientifically proven solution for improved quality of life

As much as many of us do not want to admit this, one’s appearance can have a tremendous impact, particularly on confidence and self-esteem. While we may know that we cannot all have flawless skin and supermodel looks, spots and scars are “unsightly” and “unattractive”. It is understandable then that people suffering from noticeable skin conditions, such as vitiligo or rosacea, or scarring may also suffer from emotional and psychological conditions and scars. Children and teens are especially susceptible as they are still developing and very impressionable.

This is where camouflage makeup shines, helping people, young and old, regain their self-esteem and confidence. The team at Colour Derma has seen how transformative camouflage makeup can be and wants to share the scientific backing on these positive effects.

Skin Conditions Have Profound Impacts

How you think the world sees you is often how you think of yourself. While this impact is admittedly greater in children and teenagers, it still can have catastrophic effects on adults. The face and hands are often what is presented to the world, creating that first impression, and anything different from the norm will draw attention, for better or worse.

Some people will think skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, melasma, or rosacea are not serious as they do not usually cause serious physical damage or disabilities. However, we often forget the emotional and psychological damage they suffer through negative social interactions. Strangers acting repulsed or avoiding contact, awkward interactions at work or school, even friends and family who jest – the damage can be just as profound, if not more, than a physical impairment. And one can only imagine the compounded emotional trauma for patients whose skin appearance changes with treatment for or from an underlying disease such as cancer.

Scientists concerned with these impacts have been researching and publishing with efforts to draw attention to the significance of this situation. People, especially children and teenagers, with acute acne, may succumb to depression or even have suicidal thoughts. This is also the case with psoriasis, vitiligo, and pretty much any skin condition that may cause self-consciousness from real or even imagined negative social distress. And, unfortunately, these results are relatively consistent around the world, from Belgium to India, from Italy to Australia. There are some differences depending on age, sex, marital status, and the difference in skin tone between the afflicted areas and healthy skin (the greater the contrast, the more noticeable the condition).

Of course, having these skin conditions does not necessarily mean that a person will suffer from emotional, social, or psychological conditions. However, as these studies rely on self-reporting, it could be safe in assuming that there may be more people suffering in silence, either because they also think that their illness is not as serious or because they are children who have yet to be able to voice their emotional trauma from looking different from the other kids.

But overwhelming embarrassment, social isolation, and anxiety are disabling. For those with visible skin discolouration or defects, finding an effective therapy can be essential to resuming an improved, healthier quality of life. In some cases, medication, surgery, or other cosmetic procedures may help; however, the results may not be completely successful, or the costs may be prohibitive.

Camouflage Makeup Offers Relief

Camouflage makeup began as part of a treatment for soldiers to cover up severe scars from burns resulting from battle. Now, it is a widely available alternative solution for children and adults to hide signs of skin issues. And while the idea of “makeup” tends to bring to mind coloured eyeshadows and bright red lipstick, camouflage makeup is not a frivolity. It is a proven form of therapy for people who seek concealment or to create uniformity for their complexion.

We have mentioned many scientific studies on the psychological, social, and emotional distress that skin conditions can cause. We are also very happy to share studies that have shown the benefits of camouflage makeup, relieving this distress across wide age groups and different types of conditions and concerns. So, these benefits not only affect the patients, but studies have also seen better quality of life among family members, especially thCamouflage Makeup Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep - Colour Derma 2021ose caring for children with skin disease. And while these benefits are significant, the advantages increase greatly the sooner the person starts to use or even consider using camouflage makeup. One study suggests using makeup helps newly diagnosed patients accept their conditions while lowering their anxiety about their altered appearance.

Furthermore, even just knowing that camouflage makeup is a readily available option improves a person’s outlook. A study found cancer patients reported improved quality of life with camouflage makeup, even if they did not apply it every day. In some ways, regaining control over their lives and being able to achieve a sense of normalcy was a tremendous boon for patients. Another saw teenagers on a waitlist for makeup therapy experiencing improved social functioning, as reported by the teens and their parents. Even just attending a camouflage makeup clinic appears to help the quality of life. Knowing they could “normalise” their appearance in some cases seemed to alleviate some stress as well.

Overall, these studies champion camouflage makeup as an effective therapy for people afflicted with skin conditions, whether as a short-term option while undergoing other treatments or therapies, or as a more permanent, long-term solution to improve emotional and psychological health.

Colour Derma Are Camouflage Makeup Experts

Julie Buckley and the Colour Derma team have had the privilege of helping many people of all ages learn about and use camouflage makeup. We are experienced and can explain the options in a way that you and your loved ones can understand so that accutane you can make informed decisions about your camouflage makeup solution. From selecting the right tones to the proper application and care techniques, you can look and feel your best with Colour Derma. Contact us today to find out how!