Colour Derma is Coming to Melbourne!

At the end of October, Colour Derma will be in Melbourne participating in workshops with the Australian Vitiligo Society, doing some demonstrations along with other camouflage makeup experts. While we’re in town, we would love to meet with you! We have set aside time during the last week of October so that we can check in with current clients and consult with anyone new interested in camouflage makeup solutions.

Curious if camouflage makeup is for you?

If you think that camouflage makeup could be a solution for you because of a skin condition like vitiligo, birthmarks, visible scarring, or a tattoo you’d like to cover up, this is a great opportunity to discuss this option with one of our camouflage makeup experts. We can tell you about your various options, including finding an ideal foundation to match your skin tone. We will even show you different applications methods, such as airbrushing, stippling, and brushing, to help you decide which of our packages would be ideal for you.

Camouflage Makeup Solutions Coming To Melbourne

Need a refresher or want to find out what’s new?

If you’re already a client, it would be great to catch up in person! We can take this time to check out your current makeup colours and perhaps set you up with a new match. We’ll also have new products that you could trial and see if you they work better for you. Also, if you want to ask any questions or want to discuss different techniques from what you’re now, we’ll be there for you.

Limited spaces available, so book now!

While we’re happy to meet up and discuss camouflage makeup solutions online or over the phone, we always love meeting customers in person. So, we want to make the most of our Melbourne visit! We’ll only have about a week, from around the 26th to 31st of October, so please get in touch now to reserve your spot. We hope to see you soon!

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