Tattoos may seem like a good idea, but the team at Colour Derma has had many people ask about tattoo cover up. No matter how artistically done or well thought out they are, there may be times when you don’t want people to see them or know you have them.

You do not have to regret getting a tattoo to want to have a tattoo cover up. Here we discuss some of the reasons to cover up and some options and techniques to conceal your body art, if only for a little while.

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Why would you need tattoo cover up?

There are many reasons that could come up that may require you to cover up your tattoo. It could be for certain work or social situations, or maybe even for personal reasons.

Not every workplace accepts tattoos. Even if there is no formal policy, you may find that concealing your tattoos is just the way to go. This could be because you are working in a traditionally conservative industry such as finance, or you may want to avoid confusion or questions if you work with children. Also, if you are meeting people for the first time, you may want to present yourself as a “clean slate” so to speak if you are unsure about their response to your body art.

As for personal reasons, you may find yourself no longer happy with your tattoo. It could be a temporary thing, where you are unsatisfied with the design or perhaps you are getting a little bored of it. Or it could be a reminder of something (or someone!) you would rather forget, if only for now.

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No need for permanent tattoo cover up

Whatever the reason you have for wanting a tattoo cover up, you have options. Of course, the ultimate choice is a laser removal, but you may not want to do that right away. If you need more time to decide if you want the permanent laser solution, or if you just want to cover up only when needed, there are other methods of covering tattoos.

If your tattoo is on your neck or shoulder area, wearing your hair long may be enough to hide the tat. Otherwise, you can opt for clothing such as scarves or turtlenecks for neck areas, long sleeves for arms, or socks or trousers for ankles or legs. Another option could be jewellery – chunky bracelets, anklets, or necklaces may be enough to cover your tattoos. A watch could also do the trick. Or you could mix and match between clothing and jewellery.

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Tattoo Cover up, Gone in time for the wedding

How to cover your tattoo with makeup

Clothing and accessories may not always be an option for you, either because the tattoo is somewhere that is hard to cover that way or because it is too hot out to be all covered in clothing! For those situations, you may want to consider camouflage makeup. Depending on where your tattoo is and how much coverage you need, here are the basic steps for covering up your tattoos with makeup:

Clean the area. We would recommend a thorough cleaning and maybe even a toner or astringent to make sure that there are no oils for smoother application. If there is body hair there, you may want to shave as well.

Prepare with primer. Before applying any camouflage makeup or foundation, you want to start with primer to ensure that the makeup holds in place. Primer can also help the makeup last longer and create a more natural look.

Colour-correct if needed. If your tattoo is coloured, you may want to neutralise the hues so that the camouflage makeup is more effective. This usually requires a colour wheel to determine what you need. Colour Derma can help you do this to make sure you have the right colour corrector for your tattoos.

Apply the camouflage makeup. We can also help you select the right camouflage makeup for your tattoo for the best results. You may need to apply more in darker areas and then use a stippling sponge or brush to even out the coverage. Just remember to start with a little bit of camouflage makeup first, then check your progress before adding more.

Set with powder and spray. Once you are happy with your camouflage makeup application, set it in with setting powder. Apply a generous amount, wait a few moments, and then gently brush excess. For added staying power, you may want to finish it all off with a light layer of setting spray.

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Colour Derma can help you cover your tattoo

The Colour Derma team are very experienced with tattoo cover up with camouflage makeup. We can help you select the right products for you and show you the best techniques for application and maintenance to ensure a smooth, natural look. If you prefer, we can also apply the camouflage makeup for you, especially if your tattoo is hard for you to reach. For more information about Colour Derma’s camouflage makeup solutions, contact us today.