Can Vitiligo be stopped from spreading? – Colour Derma has helped many people with their vitiligo. The white patches caused by this skin condition, although not a serious physical ailment, can have intense psychological and emotional repercussions. Vitiligo affects millions of people around the world of all ages, genders, and races.

Can Vitiligo be stopped from spreading? There are currently no effective cures for vitiligo, but there are some treatments that may slow the spread of these conspicuous discolourations that can cause low confidence and reduced quality of life.

What causes vitiligo?

Medical science has yet to determine the exact causes of vitiligo, but they do know that the white patches occur where the skin can no longer produce melanin, which is what gives skin its colour. However, there are indications that certain autoimmune conditions and skin cancers may cause vitiligo as well as genetics and external triggers such as stress, physical trauma, sunburns, and exposure to chemicals. In some cases, the patches are small and unnoticeable, but in others, the vitiligo can spread to large areas around the body. Common areas of the body to be afflicted include around the eyes, nostrils, and in joint folds, like at the elbows or knees, but it can happen anywhere on your body.

Are there cures for vitiligo?

Vitiligo is not contagious and not physically harmful, but there are currently no proven permanent cures. Nevertheless, there are certain treatments that slow, stop, or even reverse the spread of vitiligo.

This is an overview of possible treatments, but please consult your healthcare professional to determine the best options for your type of vitiligo.

Protect yourself from exposure

Sunburn is not only a possible cause of vitiligo, but it can also make things worse once you have it. The pigment loss is also a loss of protection from UV lights, so the patches may sunburn more easily, which may cause long-term damage if it happens a lot. So, you should use sun protection, either with high SPF creams or avoid the sun altogether. If you do stay out of the sun, you should make sure to be getting enough vitamin D from other sources.

If you’ve identified other external triggers, such as stress or chemicals like latex or disinfectants, you should do your best to avoid them.

Topical creams

There are medicated creams and ointments that may slow or stop the spread of certain types of vitiligo. Topical steroids have been effective with non-segmental vitiligo, but you should consult your GP for a prescription, especially if the patches are widespread or affecting your face. Also, there are side effects to consider when using topical steroids, which your doctor can discuss with you. Topical calcineurin inhibitors has shown promise in treating vitiligo; however, it is still unproven and carries some risks, so this is another option you must discuss with a medical professional first.


There has been success shown with light therapy. This is when a special lamp exposes your skin to UVA and UVB rays after taking a medication that makes your skin more light-sensitive. The equipment used is not like sunlamps or tanning beds, so please do not think some time on a sunbed is the same thing!

Phototherapy usually requires consistent treatments over a period of time and is usually more effective with other treatments.

Can vitiligo be stopped from spreading? - Colourderma 2021 BeforeCan vitiligo be stopped from spreading? - Colourderma 2021 After Treatment

These are the main treatments available for vitiligo. There are others, including more extreme measures such as skin grafts and depigmentation, but, as with these listed here, Colour Derma highly recommends consultation with a medical professional first.

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