Camouflage Makeup Solutions

Camouflage makeup solutions are a unique solution for anyone who wants the look of natural, unblemished skin but who may have a condition that hinders that. Developed to act more like a second skin than a cover-up, camouflage makeup has helped encourage and boost the confidence of countless people around the world. 

Colour Derma Solutions offers camouflage makeup solutions backed by years of experienced skill and care to ensure you look and feel your best. Unsure if this is an option for you? We offer this overview that explains camouflage makeup, as well as its benefits.

What is camouflage makeup?

For those unfamiliar with the term, “camouflage makeup” may conjure images of soldiers with swatches of greens, browns, and greys across their face. This is not what we are talking about, although our camouflage makeup does have its origins in the military. 

It could say to have begun with Max Factor in the US during World War I, taking his knowledge of makeup transformations for stage and screen and applying it to help plastic surgeons to cover up or “camouflage” scars, especially for soldiers suffering from burns. This work continued around the world as practitioners developed formulations and techniques. Not only were they more natural-looking, but the make-up became more durable. These products also mimic skin texture, so sometimes acting as a “second skin”. This allows people to be more assured as they carried on with their normal lives.

The camouflage makeup solutions offered by Colour Derma can replicate your natural skin tone, blending with your skin type, covering scars or hyperpigmentation so that others may truly see you.

Who needs cosmetic camouflage solutions?

“Traditional” or regular make-up may supply mild coverage, usually for the face. And it is often meant as an enhancement. Camouflage make-up, on the other hand, tackles more difficult, persistent skin abnormalities caused by a range of causes. This may be on the face, hands, or anywhere on the body. But it is persistent and apparent enough to cause a person to be uncomfortable to be seen in public.

You could have scarring from acne, burns, surgeries, or accidents. You may suffer from skin conditions such as rosacea, vitiligo, or melasma. Or you may have a tattoo that you may want to remove or at least cover-up on certain occasions. Some of these conditions may have treatments such as plastic surgery and laser procedures, but these treatments can be costly and may result in added scarring as well.

Camouflage makeup is a non-invasive, safer option that is extremely accessible. It could be used as a stand-alone solution, or in conjunction with other treatments as discussed with your medical professional. And ultimately, it is an effective solution to bolstering confidence for those who want to face the world with ease.

Can’t I just use regular makeup?

Yes, you can use regular make-up, but you are probably finding that even the “best” concealers, powders, and liquid or pancake foundations, there is almost always something not quite right. Products claiming to be waterproof or smudge-proof fading or smudging after a few hours. Colours that don’t blend with your skin tone or that barely hide what you wish to conceal. Ingredients that irritate or aggravate delicate skin. 

Camouflage cosmetics have specific formulations developed to be gentle to the skin while effectively covering up and blending in with your skin. Not only are these products generally waterproof and smudge-proof, maintaining your ideal look for a full day, if not longer, but they are usually hypoallergenic as well. Some may also provide skin moisturising and sun protection benefits as well so that it protects and nourishes your skin. Nevertheless, with a firm foundation of properly applied camouflage make-up bringing out your natural appearance, you may consider regular make-up products such as eyeliner, mascara, and blushers to further enhance your look.

Colour Derma Solutions are experts in camouflage make-up and offer a range of high-quality products. We have diligently tested and applied our experience to these selections so that we can provide the best solutions for your camouflage make-up needs. 

Can I apply camouflage makeup solutions myself like a professional?

Depending on your condition and where on your face or body you would want to apply camouflage makeup, it may take some practice to get the look you want consistently. You may want a skilled professional like Julie Buckley at Colour Derma to show you the best techniques.

Generally, there are three methods when it comes to cosmetic camouflage:

  • Concealing is for covering up scars or tattoos or other discolourations. The product is often a thick cream that dries opaque and may be waterproof. Nowadays, whole colour palettes are available to match your skin; however, you may need to blend two colours to get a closer result.
  • Colour correction is a more nuanced aspect of concealing. Here you may use various tints to offset or neutralise heavier or more obvious discolouration that concealers alone may not be able to handle.
  • Contouring allows you to recreate facial surfaces using lighter and darker tones to enhance or shadow features. This could help in reducing the appearance of swelling or even reshape facial contours.

Colour Derma can work with you to select the ideal products, from the most suitable colours to the most appropriate applicators, and to guide you in applying the makeup, as well as the best methods to remove it and care for your skin.

Colour Derma Solutions, experts in Camouflage Makeup Solutions

Are you still looking for the best cosmetic camouflage product for you? Need assistance with making the most of camouflage makeup? Are you unsure whether the Camouflage Makeup Solutions products you are using are creating the result you want? Do you think you could benefit from camouflage makeup solutions? Contact Colour Derma today. We are happy to help you through any questions or concerns because we believe that everyone should look and feel their best every day and have the confidence to live their lives to their fullest.