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As an independent contractor, managing your finances can be challenging. One of the most important aspects of being an independent contractor is invoicing your clients. Invoicing is how you get paid, and it`s how you keep track of your income and expenses.

Creating a professional, detailed, and accurate invoice is essential for all independent contractors. Invoices should provide a clear description of the work done and the amount charged. Creating well-designed invoices helps you get paid on time and communicates professionalism to clients.

Here is a sample invoice template that you can use as an independent contractor.

Basic Information

The top of your invoice should include basic information such as:

– Your name and contact information

– The date of the invoice

– The client`s name and contact information

– An invoice number

Description of Services

In the body of the invoice, include a detailed description of the services you provided. This should include:

– A brief summary of the work done

– The date(s) the work was completed

– The hourly rate or a flat fee for the work

– The total amount charged for the work

Payment Terms

Make sure to include the payment terms on the invoice. This should include:

– The due date for the invoice

– The payment method you accept (e.g., PayPal, check)

– Late fees for overdue payments

Additional Information

Include any additional information that is relevant to the work done. This could include:

– Any expenses incurred during the project

– Any discounts or promotions applied to the work

– Notes regarding the project`s progress or outcome


Make sure that your invoice looks professional. Use fonts that are easy to read and choose a color scheme that is visually appealing. You can also include your business logo to brand your invoice.


Creating a professional and accurate invoice is essential to the success of independent contractors. Use this sample invoice template as a guide for creating your own invoices. Remember to include all necessary information, payment terms, and make it visually appealing. By creating well-designed invoices, you can communicate professionalism to clients and get paid on time.