• 135ml Pre Mix Microskin in the selected colour
  • 50ml Removing Serum (to Remove Microskin from the skin)
  • 50ml Equipment Cleanser (use to Clean Sponge and Dish which cannot be cleaned by water)
  • 8g Microseal Powder (needed to finish/seal Microskin to the skin)
  • 1 small White Dish
  • 1 Red Stipple Sponge

Microskin Pre Mixed ready to be applied with a sponge, makeup brush or Airbrush. Available in one of the 35 colours or your own customised colour.  Microskin is unlike any other camouflage product, it is a thin liquid solution of pigments that dries on the first layer of your skin without blocking your pores and is flexible.  It is totally waterproof and will not smudge onto your clothes or linens. You can apply one to three thin layers of this film to get the coverage you need. Microskin was designed in Australia, so it is built to handle hot and humid weather and stay in place.

The life of your Microskin application will vary, depending on your skin type – oily vs dry.  Microskin on your face we suggest no more than two layers be applied (less is best to look natural).  On the face the application should last between 24-48 hours maybe longer if you have dry skin.  On your body is where Microskin out last other camouflage products, two to three layers can last up to several days, especially on dry skin,

It is necessary to apply a finishing powder to seal and help keep the Microskin application in place.  Other mineral powders such as Blush and eye shadow can then be applied.

Microskin Remover is recommended to remove Microskin gently from your skin. Spray the remover directly onto your skin and then wipe off with a disposable cloth.  Then wash off with water any residue of the remover before reapplying a fresh application of Microskin.  Microskin needs to be applied to clean, dry skin so it can attach well to the epidermis.


When showering please avoid using body wash that contain alcohol as this will shorten the life of your application.  Gently pat dry or air dry so you don’t exfoliate your application with the towel.

Try not to wear rough, tight clothing against your Microskin application to get the maximum coverage time on your skin.

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Additional information

Weight 362 g

Pure Ivory, Cream Beige, Rose Ivory, Intense Ivory, Nude Beige, Pure Beige, Golden Linen, Golden Ivory, Rose Beige, Golden Beige, Cream Caramel, Ruby Beige, Rose Velvet, Summer, Golden Natural, Radiant Tan, Sand, Golden Sable, Golden Caramel, Cinnamon, Golden Tan, Golden Russet, Chai, Warm Chocolat, Carob, Warm Russett, Umber, Kobicha, Chesnut, Espresso, Mocha, Chocolat, Sienna, Mahogany, Cocoa, Ebony, Custom Color


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