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Form DCI-45 Waiver Agreement and Privacy Act Statement: What You Need to Know

The Form DCI-45 is a waiver agreement and privacy act statement that is commonly used in various legal and government applications. It is a crucial document that permits the sharing of protected personal information of an individual with authorized parties, for specific purposes only.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Form DCI-45 and understand its significance, scope, and provisions.

What is Form DCI-45?

Form DCI-45 is a legal agreement signed by an individual, which allows the disclosure of personal information to authorized parties. The form is issued by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) of the United States Department of Defense, and it applies to both US citizens and non-citizens.

The form is used for various purposes, such as security clearance applications, employment screening, background checks, and investigations. It is an essential tool in ensuring national security, protecting sensitive data and information, and promoting public safety.

What Does Form DCI-45 Contain?

The Form DCI-45 has two significant components: the waiver agreement and the privacy act statement.

Waiver Agreement

The waiver agreement is a part of the form where the individual grants authorization for the disclosure of personal information to authorized parties. The disclosure may include sensitive and confidential information, such as criminal records, medical history, employment history, financial records, and other related data.

The individual must agree to the terms and conditions stated in the waiver agreement before their personal information may be shared with authorized parties. This includes consenting to the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of their personal information as required by law.

Privacy Act Statement

The privacy act statement is a legal document that states the purpose and authority for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. It outlines the safeguards and limitations on the use of the collected data and the individual`s rights to access and correct their information.

It also provides information on the penalties for the unauthorized disclosure or misuse of personal information by authorized parties.

Why is Form DCI-45 Important?

Form DCI-45 is essential for various reasons, including:

1. National Security and Public Safety: The form is a vital tool in ensuring national security and public safety by allowing authorized parties to access essential information needed to make informed decisions.

2. Employment and Screening: The form is used in employment and screening processes to ensure that individuals meet the necessary qualifications and requirements for the job.

3. Investigations: The form is also used in investigations to gather information and evidence required for legal proceedings.


In conclusion, the Form DCI-45 is a crucial document that allows the disclosure of personal information to authorized parties for specific purposes only. It is essential for ensuring national security, protecting sensitive data and information, and promoting public safety.

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